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Social Media Evidence

Social Media Evidence and Investigation

Social Media Investigation

When we conduct a social media investigation you are not getting an automated search. We provide a dedicated forensic investigator to locate and verify your subject’s social media presence. We utilize the investigative expertise to uncover multiple social media accounts on a subject and track connections to friends, relatives and other contacts which often provide the ‘off the radar’ evidence you are looking for.

Utilizing our proprietary software we are able to obtain screen captures, isolate posts, pictures and activity based on when it was uploaded. We also include the metadata (fingerprint) of the individual posts to the account.

Once we discover all social media information associated with your subject we provide the links to the accounts so you can determine whether the account will be helpful to your case.

For Mediation and Litigation Purposes

For the specific social media accounts you deem helpful to your case we will forensically capture and preserve the accounts onto disc.

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