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Computer Forensics

Computer forensics is the scientific examination and analysis of electronic data in such a way that the evidence can be used in a court of law.  Mulholland Forensics has a computer forensics specialist on staff who can provide assistance in the following areas:

Data Recovery

Computer files that have been deleted or damaged, whether through malicious intent or malfunction of equipment, may be recovered days, weeks, or years later.

Password Recovery

Computer users often need many passwords to access and control data.  Forgotten or lost passwords can be recovered to regain access to important data.

Mobile Forensics

Our team specializes in the retrieval of data from cell phones and other mobile devices in a forensically sound manner that preserves the evidence ensuring that it is admissible.

Social Media Evidence

Utilizing our proprietary software we are able to obtain screen captures, isolate posts, pictures and activity based on when it was uploaded. We also include the metadata (fingerprint) of the individual posts to the account.


Training is available for corporate security or information technology personnel, as well as First Responder training for law enforcement.