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Standout Claims Investigation: Mobile/Smartphone Forensics


Often times smartphone forensic services are less expensive than surveillance.  It’s quite a myth that this service is cost prohibitive.  Mobile/Smartphone forensic experts specialize in the retrieval of data from cell phones and other mobile devices in a forensically sound manner that preserves the evidence ensuring that it is admissible.

Some examples of data that may be legally retrieved and analyzed during cell phone forensic investigations, often even after being deleted, include:

  • Apps, passwords, emails, call history, contacts and calendar
  • Text messages
  • Location information and GPS
  • Photos, videos and graphics

With today’s world being so mobile, cellular phones would be the first place to go for helpful evidence when investigating any matter.  Requesting a smartphone is not a scare tactic.  We don’t believe in intimidation as an ethical strategy.  If you have reason to believe a claim is questionable then a request to produce a person’s mobile phone is well within the lines of fair practice in investigating a claim.

Final thought    

Our experience shows one of two results: a denial and often time’s subsequent withdrawal of claim or we obtain evidence from the phone that confirms/refutes a claimant’s demand.

For cellular forensic service or consultation call (904) 354-7989 or email:  sean@mulhollandinvestigation.com


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