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221 East Adams Street, Jacksonville, FL 32202 Phone: (904) 354-7989    Fax: (904) 354-7922

Mulholland Investigation Coverage Areas

Much to our disappointment, clients frequently comment that they were unaware we conducted investigations outside of North Florida. Our firm has over 25 full and part-time investigators professionally conducting investigations in  all major cities in the Southeast, including Tampa, Orlando, Miami, Atlanta, to name a few. We also have strong strategic alliances in all fifty US States, through our long-term commitment to multiple investigative professional associations. In addition to strong resources in the US, we have excellent international resources. We currently have investigations underway in Brazil, Portugal and China. Vince Rosado, the Executive Director of our Computer Forensic Division,  has imaged computers in many countries. Please call us to assist with wherever your investigative or computer forensic needs exist. www.mulhollandinvestigation.com

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