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Investigative success that benefits all

The Mulholland Investigation Team conducted multiple days of covert surveillance resulting in evidence that helped one of their prominent clients to eliminate a questionable insurance claim.

Due to overwhelming video evidence that refuted the extent of a claimant’s medical condition, Mulholland’s client received a favorable ruling on the case.

Mulholland’s investigation team was able to capture the activities of a party who claimed persistent and extreme lower back pain. The party was seen engaging in strenuous manual labor activities multiple times for multiple hours……….all of which was recorded on video. There were no signs at any time of pain or discomfort.

Over the past seventeen years Mulholland Investigation has confirmed the extent of injuries for many insurance carriers, TPA’s and attorneys to help them understand the full picture. Often there are settlements to be paid to legitimately injured individuals.

In that same time frame Mulholland has documented questionable activities that refuted the testimony of other individuals who have exaggerated claims in pursuit of a cash settlement.

It is these types of cases in which Mulholland’s team helps stop possible fraud. In the end if these questionable cases are awarded settlement checks then it means higher premiums for all of us.

“We don’t always know the outcome of the case after we have provided our investigative reports; it’s always nice to hear when our work has contributed on the side of justice.” said Sean Mulholland, President of Mulholland Investigation.

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