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Internal theft

Experts estimate that more than 60% of corporate theft is internal Unfortunately, many entities consider theft as a “cost of doing business, or shrinkage.” For over seventeen years Mulholland Investigation has investigated hundreds of thefts. The disheartening common feedback from clients is: I never suspected a long-time trusted employee would do that. Our investigations have uncovered thefts of many products, but the one item that is so frequently overlooked is: TIME. When employees steal time they damage the bottom line. The adage that employees don’t do what you expect, they do what you inspect, rings true when addressing the issue of malingering. Documenting employees not performing tasks in an efficient manner can actually boost morale. Hard working, loyal employees are frequently disenchanted by malingerers who are not called to task for poor performance. Another disturbing finding is the malingering employees are collaborating with outside elements to misappropriate or steal company resources. Company vehicles are frequently abused and utilized for purposes outside the scope of authorized use. Conducting periodic inspections of tasks and employees working remotely or with minimal direct supervision will yield bottom-line benefits.

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