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Don’t order Surveillance Again until you read this!


Regarding a claim, have you ever been questioned: why wasn’t this investigated further?

By conducting $100,000 of professional surveillance it is safe to state that experienced investigation companies save a client $1,000,000 in claims settlement costs.  A bold claim to make, one to stand by.  The reason: numbers bare this out year after year.  This number is often conservative.  The alternative is to pay the questionable claims.  As a business philosophy that’s a costly strategy.  Here’s why: with experienced investigators conducting surveillance we routinely report a one in three success rate.  Meaning one in three surveillance’s will net evidence helpful in settling a claim.

Identifying everything from fraudulent claimant behavior (after 19 years, boy do we have stories on this front) to confirming the extent of alleged injuries; a quality surveillance report/video will allow the claims team to settle the claim to where it’s quality standards are achieved.

Victory…..because the claims team conducted their due diligence.  They confirmed the true nature of the claim and acted accordingly…..Victory.

With an extensive database of information, social media evidence and don’t forget the information available on cell phones/computers …… a reputable investigation and forensics company can boast a ten times return on investment.  Now if we can just net that return on our financial portfolios!

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