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Career Strategy #3 of the ‘Best’ in the Claims Industry

Career Strategy #3

“I just worked and reacted to what came into my life both professionally and personally.

And my whole career and my whole life has been a struggle”

-words of regret


The third and final strategy in becoming the ‘best’ in your industry is to be a goal setter.

Pause:  If ever you’ve read something and stopped reading at this point because you thought it was another one of those ‘goal setting’ articles, keep reading as this one is a life changer.


The people who invented SMART goals are George Doran, Arthur Miller and James Cunningham. They were responsible for the program that goes through the steps of making sure a task gets done.  The SMART goal acronym has been the inspiration for many successful goal setting systems in the corporate market and testimonial after testimonial of the most successful people in America attribute their plan and corresponding accomplishment to the SMART plan for goal setting

The reality is that goals don’t work because people don’t put in the work.  However, if you follow the SMART technique for goal setting you will be guaranteed your goals.  How about that ….guaranteed!

The ‘best’ in your industry are goal-setters.  It is a unique habit most of them have in common.

What do you really, really, really, really want!  Take the time to follow the SMART system and you’ll have them.  The best research on goals available: Do this and you’ll never be the same.

Smart Goal Exercise

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic/Relevant
  • Time-specific

Step 1…Think about what you want to accomplish (Just brainstorm a list).

Step 2…Narrow your list from brainstorm #1 to first (prioritize) and best goal options.

Step 3…Use the SMART Goal Exercise above and make sure that each goal created from the prioritized list is written VERY specifically saying what you want to accomplish with that goal.  Make sure to write each goal in a way that you can measure it…again, be specific.  Make the goal measurable.  Each goal has to BE achievable.  If the goal is too far out there to really make happen you will lose interest in achieving the goal.  Make your goals realistic and relevant to what you need to achieve in your specific time frame.  Lastly, put a proposed achievement date on the goal.  This is a huge step…if there is no achievement date it’s not a goal but just an idea or desire written down on paper.  A goal has to have a date attached.

Step 4…Identify the reason WHY you wish to reach each SMART goal you have created and WRITE IT DOWN…this is an important step to motivate you toward accomplishing the goal. What good things will happen if you accomplish and what bad if you don’t?

Step 5List ACTION steps you might have to take for each goal. (Do you need specific resources, education, certifications, to meet a specific person or join an association), then WRITE them down.

Step 6…Create a plan from these specific ACTION steps and prioritize these steps by importance.  Don’t forget to WRITE them down

Step 7BIG, BIG STEP!!! Take ACTION!  A lot of people drop the ball here.  They’ve worked hard writing down their goals. They write down their plans to accomplish the goals…They pat themselves on the back, as they should, they are now a part of that 1% Elite group that has goals AND a plan.  But then, they drop the ball by NOT taking ACTION!  Do something everyday toward your goals.

Step 8…Program your mind for SUCCESS!!!  Look at your goals daily, post them in the back of your business journal and visualize achieving them. 

Don’t be freaked out by not achieving a goal or not achieving it by your goal date. You will have accomplished more by setting the goal and not achieving or even failing than you would have by not setting the goal at all.





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