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Career Strategy #2 of the ‘Best’ in the Claims Industry

Career Strategy #2

The second strategy in becoming the ‘best’ in your industry is found in creating and utilizing a ‘DMO’ – Daily Method of Operation on a daily basis.  Without a consistent DMO, you basically will just struggle to get everything done week in and week out leading to a very stressful career.  Here we will show you how to make your DMO and be more productive.  Our research identified four criteria that make up a sound and successful DMO specifically for the claims industry.

1. Separate work from personal life – This is the most important DMO item which is why it heads the list.  If you’ve ever awoken to the thought “did I take care of ____” on a claim, than keep reading because this is for you.  With your workload you are ripe for stress unless you learn how to separate work from personal.

Exercise 3x week.  If you are not presently doing this don’t beat yourself up….just start.  By exercising regularly your body will crave healthier foods…..this is a fact!

One wise professional who had heavy work responsibility would put an imaginary key right above his front door (representing his work thoughts) as soon as he entered his home work thoughts were over and it was personal time.  It wasn’t time for work thoughts until he stepped outside his front door and grabbed that imaginary key to go to work.   Point: find your way to separate your work thoughts from your personal thoughts.  It’s a quality of life saver.

2. Develop a rapid communication process – having the ability to electronically and quickly communicate claim status and doing it often is one of the hallmark habits of the ‘best’ in the industry.

3. Organize your claim information in one place – enabling you to see every action taken in the claim archived and retrieved electronically at your desktop whenever needed.

4. Have appointment confirmation at your desktop – including confirmation of scheduling and calendar notification.  This will not only save unnecessary follow-up time but will make sure your conference calls / appointments are known well in advance and of course never missed.

Put your DMO into practice and soon people will recognize you as an authority in your industry!





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