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Career Strategy #1 of the ‘Best’ in the Claims Industry

Career Strategy #1

First, this one rule could change your ability to manage your time more than anything else, which is why it’s first: If you are a slave to your email system, and particularly if your pc is set up to notify you immediately upon the receipt of any incoming email, then I urge you to make this simple change – it will dramatically improve your control over your time. Turn off the pop-up or noise which notifies you that you have mail. For many people this is the single biggest obstacle to successful time management. Establish a new habit of checking your email at certain times in the day, when it is sensible for you and the business to do so – say, first when you arrive at your desk or start work, second just before lunch, third around an hour before normal business closes. You must decide when to look at your emails – this control should not rest with everyone out there who sends emails to you (nor indeed should this control rest with the spamming and virus-spreading community). If your organization has a policy which insists that you be constantly interrupted by your incoming emails try suggesting that the policy is reviewed – ‘involuntary email notification’ and ‘checking email constantly’ are the biggest time management detractors in the world today. Source: http://www.businessballs.com/timemanagement.htm

Eliminate reactive behavior by being proactive and you will set yourself apart in productivity, efficiency and sanity!

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