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Attention insurance adjusters: choose one habit

Adjusters are recognized for handling ‘all’ issues of the claim.  The solutions are found in the details; and who is more responsible for covering the details of a claim than the adjuster?  Give this article a read,


Denise Johnson of Claims Journal interviews Kevin Quinley, Claims expert and Principal of Quinley Risk Associates where they discuss, “‘Seven Habits of Highly Effective Coverage Adjusters”.  It’s a really sound article worth your time.  Consider choosing one habit – the one that stands out to you as the highest impact habit.  Build it into your D.M.O. (Daily Method of Operation) and master it.

Mastery: comprehensive knowledge or skill in a subject.  Synonym: proficiency (Source: Google)

The bottom line point is to become known for your proficiency.  This happens due to a decision and a daily practice.

Good luck!

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