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Employee Engagement – The Neglected Secret to Company Success

Last month I was calling on a law office client and noticed something of great importance. The employees were discussing their ‘Massage Thursday’. With a little inquiry I learned that a massage therapist arrives every Thursday and provides 15 – 30 minute massages for the company’s employees. Not surprisingly this organization made the list of ‘Best Places to Work’ two of the previous four years in their home city.
As Michelle Ahlman of ClearSounds says in her article, 25 Great Tips on Employee Engagement – Morale Boosters, “In difficult and tough economic times we still need to engage with our employees. While the budgets may not be available any more there are lots of things we can do which are effective”
When calculated properly we spend more waking time at work than we do at home with our family. For the organization that neglects to capitalize on employee engagement I can’t help but believe they lack loyalty, growth, morale or all of the above!
Take time this week and every week to plan and implement activities that make your employees want to give their best knowing their company cares about them. Recognition is one of the top two motivators in business……use it and watch your profitability grow.
By Steve McCann

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