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Security Negligence

After a violent incident, particularly incidents involving workplace violence, there are always questions regarding how could this have happened. An element that is frequently identified in the subsequent investigation is the fellow employee or colleague who comments after the incident, “I should have said something, ... Continue Reading

2018 A New Year

Happy new year!! Yes, it is customary to wish everybody a happy new year! As we celebrate our twenty-second year in business, we recognize how grateful we are for our clients and the relationships we have built. However, we also need to recognize that times have changed. We now live a data-driven world. This new cyber ... Continue Reading

Dispelling The Computer Forensic Cost Myth: Target ...

Reduce Forensic Collection Costs with Targeted Collections! There is a common myth about Forensic collection of evidence being prohibitively expensive. At Mulholland Forensics, we can dispel that myth by providing cost-effective Pointed or Targeted Collections. Not all Forensic cases have to be voluminous in size, nor ... Continue Reading

Sean Mulholland Gives Cyber Security Presentation ...

Cyber Security & Computer Forensics Jacksonville Rotary Club 09 May, 2016 Sean Mulholland, President of Mulholland Investigation & Forensics, provided a Cyber-Security presentation to the Rotary Club of Jacksonville today. The presentation provided insight into the exponential increase in Electronically Stored ... Continue Reading

How Secure is Your Data? Have You Checked?

When was the last time you had your Data Security tested? Mulholland Forensics now has the capability to test the security of your Data. Penetration Testing  (also called Pen Testing) The practice of testing a computer system, network, or web application to find vulnerabilities that an attacker could e ... Continue Reading

Sean Mulholland Gives Presentation to CUREN

Sean Mulholland of Mulholland Forensics gave a presentation on the subject of Cyber Security‬ to CUREN (Credit Union Real Estate Network) on Thursday, March 10th. It was a spirited and very well-received event, and the issue of Cyber Security is an important one. Here at Mulholland’s, we take it very seriously ... Continue Reading

Mulholland Feature in Jax Daily Record

“Private investigator Sean Mulholland opened Mullholland Investigation in 1996. His clients at the time, mostly attorneys and insurance companies, needed traditional surveillance and claims investigation services. In 2006, he added “and computer forensics” to his company’s name and began providing services ... Continue Reading

Another Successful Mulholland Arrest!

The staff at Mulholland Investigation ended the year facilitating another arrest. Working with Law Enforcement, Mulholland Investigators documented a company employee off-loading company merchandise at an unauthorized location. Based upon excellent documentation of the theft in progress, an arrest was effected and comp ... Continue Reading

Mulholland Exapands to the Tampa Area

Mulholland Expands Operations to Tampa, Fl Area Continue Reading

A Case For Surveillance?

Here are two surveillance summaries conducted on claimants who alleged severe life restrictions: Neck injury: severe pain/restricted mobility/subject confined to neck brace.  Excerpt from surveillance report:  Approximately 9 minutes of video was obtained of the claimant walking without any visible medical braces o ... Continue Reading